Quinn gets the win to kick off Carnival Clash!

Published: 13/02/2024

Montekristo witnessed a sold-out crowd of 400 enthusiastic fans at Carnival Clash, creating an electric atmosphere for PWM’s latest spectacular event. The night kicked off with a riveting match between The Magical Jack Quinn and the formidable Jake Omen.

Jack Quinn faced a challenging test as Jake Omen showcased his technical prowess, seizing control in the early stages of the bout. Despite the initial struggle, Quinn’s resilience shone through, employing his acrobatic finesse to execute a signature springboard moonsault to the outside. This high-flying maneuver quickly shifted the momentum in Quinn’s favor.

With a rapid succession of kicks targeting Omen’s head and torso, Quinn asserted his dominance. The culmination came when Quinn sealed the victory with his finishing move, the Shining Wizard, marking a triumphant start to the year 2024 and setting the tone for a year filled with positive momentum. The sold-out crowd at Carnival Clash was treated to a thrilling display of skill and athleticism in this exciting opening contest.

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