Quinn victorious at Fall Brawl, but at what cost?

Published: 11/11/2023

Pro Wrestling Malta’s final event of the year kicked off with a banger Fatal 4 Way match for the Baron Mikel Scicluna Memorial Cup. Scicluna was a WWE Hall of Famer born in Balzan, Malta who gained success in the WWWF (as it was known at the time) in the 1960s and 70s as a 2-time Tag Team Champion. Baron Scicluna was famous for entering the ring with a royal blue cape over his shoulders, indicating that he was of Maltese royal descent. Scicluna was also known for being a master of the “foreign object”, mainly utilizing a roll of coins to bash opponents out of sight of the referee.

The first of the four contestants for this prestigious cup was Sheffield-based wrestler, Nathan “The Comedian” Black, who took liberties with the Maltese crowd, verbally bashing them at every opportunity. The next participant was none other than “The Noble One”, Owen Blanco, who saw the Baron as one of his idols and looked to cement his place in PWM history with a cup win so that he could honor his idol in the best way possible. Next up was former PWM Champion, Jack “The Magician” Quinn, who was looking to regain some lost momentum after an unsuccessful attempt to regain his title at our last event, Summertime Madness III. Our final combatant was the returning Neil “The Ringleader” Hendrix, who had suffered a lengthy injury at the hands of the Saito Brothers at Summertime Madness II back in July 2022.

The bout started off with the high-flying Hendrix and Quinn in an acrobatic battle to gain the upper hand, while the sneaky Black and Blanco looked to preserve their energy early on to let the Light-Heavyweights tire out early. Black proceeded to join forces with Blanco to attack Quinn and Hendrix and try to take them out early, which ended up in a contest between the two big men playing a game of one-upmanship.

The bout ended after The Noble One hit Hendrix with a devastating Blanco Buster off the top rope, only for Quinn to capitalize by taking Blanco out and gaining the pin over The Ringleader and becoming the new Baron Scicluna Cup holder. Blanco was having none of it, however, and quickly attacked Quinn with a low blow after the match to assert his dominance on the Magician and send a statement across the entire PWM Roster.


Blanco attacks Quinn with a low blow after the match to assert his dominance




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