Tag Team Champions conquer their most formidable challenge to date | Summertime Madness III

Published: 07/08/2023

Homecoming Glory

Fresh off a 4-month tour of Japan, training under former WWE superstar Tajiri and wrestling for Kyushu Pro Wrestling, the Prince of the Mediterranean, Owen Blanco, returned to his home country with gold on his mind. Joining forces with former NXT champion Tom La Ruffa, a man from whom he gained respect following an intense bout at PWM: Friends of Foes, meant that this would be the toughest challenge yet for the Pro Wrestling Malta Tag Team Champions.

Dominant Globetrotters

Hamez and Kyle Brooks have also been traveling this year, defending the PWM Tag Team Championship in Leeds, Sunderland, and Ripponden in the UK. This experience helped strengthen the bond between the Tag Champions, as they arrive into this match with much-improved chemistry in the ring, making them more dangerous than ever.


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An Epic Showdown

Before La Ruffa and Blanco took control through their shady strategies, the champs made a solid start, demonstrating their synergy with quick tag and a flurry of double-team moves. It was a fierce battle in which both teams gave everything they had. After landing their hallmark move, “No Second Chances,” the Maltese Champions would eventually triumph.


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Who will be next to step up against Second II None, and try to end their title reign? What’s next for Owen Blanco? Find out at our next event, Fall Brawl, coming later this year on November 3rd!


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