The Ringleader’s Redemption – Neil Hendrix Faces The Vampire at Carnival Clash

Published: 23/01/2024

In the aftermath of an unfortunate return from injury at our last event, Fall Brawl, The Ringleader Neil Hendrix is determined to turn the tide and regain his momentum. His next challenge comes in the enigmatic form of The Vampire, Belthazar, at Carnival Clash on Saturday, February 3rd.

Hailing from Losone, Switzerland, Belthazar brings two decades of wrestling experience to the ring, having traversed the landscapes of the United States and Canada while performing across various European venues. This matchup promises to be nothing short of extraordinary, as Hendrix’s unpredictable and high-flying style clashes with the eerie presence of Belthazar. The Ringleader, known for his acrobatic maneuvers and showmanship, faces the unique challenge of dealing with the supernatural aura exuded by The Vampire.

Neil Hendrix will be looking to bewitch the vampire on February 3rd

As these two contrasting forces collide, Carnival Clash guarantees an unforgettable spectacle on February 3rd, with fans eagerly anticipating the outcome of this intriguing encounter between Hendrix and Belthazar.

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