Title Retained Amid Chaos: Adam Envy’s Tactics Prevail Against Shigehiro Irie at Carnival Clash!

Published: 28/02/2024

The atmosphere was electric at Carnival Clash, as Pro Wrestling Malta’s reigning champion, Adam Envy, faced off against one of his most formidable adversaries yet, the 20-year veteran Shigehiro Irie. The confident champion wasted no time in displaying his bravado, taunting the Japanese wrestler at every opportunity. However, Shigehiro, known for his resilience in the European scene, quickly asserted his dominance with a devastating whiplash splash that left the Pro Wrestling Malta champion flattened.

Envy retaliated with a cunning eye rake and his signature cartwheel slap combination, attempting to further insult Shigehiro’s injury. Unyielding, the Japanese veteran fought back with a barrage of strikes, only to face interference from Owen Blanco, who had been in Envy’s corner throughout the match. Despite Blanco’s involvement, Shigehiro showcased his strength by executing an awe-inspiring Samoan drop, resulting in a tense near-fall.

As Shigehiro prepared for his finishing move, Envy resorted to distraction, involving the referee. This allowed Blanco to strike Shigehiro with the Pro Wrestling Malta championship, followed by a low blow from Envy, all transpiring behind the referee’s back. The underhanded tactics proved too much for Shigehiro to overcome, resulting in Adam Envy and his ally Blanco successfully retaining the title, albeit amid controversy and intense competition.


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