Adam Envy: The Pro Wrestling Malta Champion Faces a Hungarian Challenge!

Published: 23/05/2023

It will be an adrenaline-fueled showdown as Pro Wrestling Malta’s newly-crowned champion, Adam Envy, prepares to defend his title in an electrifying match on Hungarian soil. This Saturday, May 27th, the stage is set for an unforgettable clash of the titans as Envy steps into the ring for Xtreme Wrestling Promotion.

The Test Begins

With the prestigious Pro Wrestling Malta Championship belt securely fastened around his waist, Adam Envy is ready to prove his mettle against Hungary’s toughest competitors in . This showdown will undoubtedly be a true trial by fire, testing Envy’s skills, agility, and determination to retain his hard-earned championship status.

A Wildman Emerges

Adding to the intensity of the event is none other than Gianni Valletta, the former PWM champion and AJPW star known by his exhilarating moniker, “The Wildman.” Valletta‘s unparalleled experience and ferocity will ignite the arena as he fearlessly takes on Europe’s most extreme wrestling talents, promising a match filled with awe-inspiring maneuvers and heart-stopping moments.

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