New Champion Crowned after intense triple threat bout – Spring Stampede

Published: 26/04/2023

Red Scorpion watches on as Envy and Quinn beat each other up

The main event for Spring Stampede featured a no-holds-barred triple threat match for the PWM Championship between former champ Jack Quinn, Adam Envy, and the champion, Red Scorpion. The Sicilian champion is a mainstay of the Maltese scene and arrives with 16 years of experience, competing all around Europe and the US. Meanwhile, former PWM champ Quinn has a point to prove, after losing his title rematch due to interference by Envy at Friends or Foes, where Envy was the special guest referee.

Envy and Scorpion agree to team up against Quinn

The match started off with rivals Envy and Quinn battling it out, while Scorpion looked on from the outside, preserving his energy. Just as Quinn was about to hit his finisher, the Shining Wizard, Scorpion entered the fray and teamed up with Envy to bring the former champion down. Following a series of double-team moves on Quinn, Scorpion would turn on Envy to try and get the victory, but Quinn was having none of it.

Jack was fighting back with his signature leg sweep on Scorpion, followed by a trademark corner knee smash on Envy, and Envy would fight back with a double dropkick from the second rope on both his adversaries. The match continued to sway in each wrestler’s favor in an evenly matched bout, with Scorpion hitting a double senton on both Quinn and Envy, before Quinn hit a perfectly timed springboard moonsault off the apron to the outside, a move inspired by the great Rob Van Dam.

Quinn hits a perfectly timed Springboard Moonsault to the outside

Quinn managed to land the Shining Wizard on Red Scorpion, but Envy seized the opportunity and pushed Quinn out of the ring, pinning Scorpion to become the new Pro Wrestling Malta Champion after an intense and evenly-matched bout that had the audience on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Adam Envy picks up the win and becomes the new PWM Champion

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