Malta Independent Features Gianni Valletta

Jeremy Micallef of the Malta Independent recently interviewed PW Malta’s own head trainer and former heavyweight champion, Gianni Valletta. Topics discussed include Valletta’s start in the business, his current tour of Japan and what to expect from Pro Wrestling Malta in the coming months. The full article is available now on the Malta Independent website.

Will The King of Beasts Finally Defend Their Tag Team Titles?

  The Kings of Beasts, better known as Red Scorpion and Leon, captured the pro wrestling Malta tag team titles at the Lords of the Ring event last November, in a tournament final match against the arrows of Hungary. But they are yet to defend their tag team titles as a team. The first show […]

Who Is The Masked Man?

  At the past 2 shows we have witnessed an attack by a masked man, on both occassions targetting Glamorous Roddy. While Glamorous Roddy captured the PWM heavyweight title, our eyes are still open for a possible reappearance of this masked individual.. Who is he? What does he want? Will he appear again? These are […]

New Superstars Announced For This is Hell-Oween!

The second WWE UK star to be competing in Malta in November is ‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman. A beast literally both in his look and work, mike has made a name for himself for being of the most intimidating cruiserweights in the UK sector today. Other superstars confirmed for the event include WWE UK and […]

History of the PWM Heavyweight Title

  The Pro Wrestling Malta heavyweight championship was debuted on 15th November 2015. Contested in a Royal Rumble style match, it was first won by Giuseppe (Joseph Hammer), who then proceeded to gift the title to Francesco Messina as show of allegiance. Messina lost the title on 19th November 2016 to Gianni Valletta, in a […]

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