Contenders’ match to kick off Summertime Madness III

Published: 24/07/2023

It was a night of twists and challenges at Summertime Madness III, as Pro Wrestling Malta fans were left without a challenger for the PWM Championship due to a last-minute flight cancellation. PWM management kicked off the event by announcing that the singles match between Fabio Ferrari and Jack Quinn would determine a spot in the main event title bout scheduled for that same night.

With the opportunity to regain the title he had controversially lost at Spring Stampede last March, Quinn pulled out all the stops for this fight. He also had a personal point to prove to the Italian, who came into Summertime Madness III with harsh words, claiming that Jack was “going to crash into a Ferrari” and that after winning this match, Jack Quinn would have to change his name to “Jack Queen” and fight in the women’s division. Harsh words, to say the least.

It was a tough battle for the Magical One, having to withstand a barrage of attacks and dirty tactics from the 21-year veteran from Genoa. Showing grit and determination, the Maltese Magician managed to fight his way back into the match through a series of kicks and high-flying maneuvers.

Jack Quinn with a picture-perfect moonsault over the Italian Red Devil

The match ended with the Italian looking to cheat his way to victory using his signature tennis racket, but the referee was having none of it at the time. Quinn got the win by taking advantage of a distracted Ferrari and getting a quick roll-up victory, cementing his place in the main event for the Pro Wrestling Malta Championship Title.


Quinn goes for the roll-up after a distracted Ferrari looked to cheat his way to victory


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