Japanese Strength vs. Italian Flair: The Ultimate Wrestling Showdown – Spring Stampede

Published: 24/04/2023

This match featured local Darts champion Bradley Zerafa as the special guest ring announcer

An international spectacle for the Maltese fans between the Japanese Kodai Nazaki, and the cocky Italian Red Devil, Fabio Ferrari. A graduate of the Kyushu Pro Wrestling academy under Japanese legend Tajiri, where PWM star Owen Gomez Blanco is currently learning his trade, Nazaki brings with him a wealth of experience in Judo as well as Japanese strong style wrestling. Ferrari on the other hand is a veteran of 21 years and was trained by former NXT and Ring of Honor star Chris Hero, as well as UK legends Johnny Saint and Marty Jones, making this a clash of styles from all over the globe.

As the match began, Kodai immediately showcased his incredible strength, leaving Ferrari struggling to keep up. But the cunning Italian quickly shifted tactics, targeting Kodai’s leg in an attempt to ground the towering competitor.

An impressive feat of strength, with Kodai holding Ferrari up for 10 seconds before slamming him to the mat

However, Kodai refused to be taken down easily and retaliated with a barrage of bone-crushing chops to Ferrari’s chest. But Ferrari was not one to back down and seized an opportunity to gain the upper hand by distracting the referee with his infamous tennis racket, allowing him to choke Nazaki in the corner.

Just when it seemed like Ferrari had the match in the bag, Kodai dug deep and unleashed an awe-inspiring series of moves. From a devastating splash to a gravity-defying 10-second standing suplex, Kodai left the crowd in awe. But Ferrari, not to be outdone, unleashed a superkick and a springboard moonsault in a desperate attempt to take down the seemingly invincible Kodai.

Ferrari delivers a picture perfect springboard moonsault

But Kodai refused to stay down and bounced back with a series of impressive Judo throws, culminating in a thunderous Samoan drop/spear combo that secured his well-deserved victory. This match was a true testament to the incredible talent and unwavering determination of these two fierce competitors.

Kodai picks up the victory with the spear

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