The Fight for Redemption Begins: Jack Quinn vs. Fabio Ferrari at Summertime Madness III

Published: 20/06/2023

In his quest for redemption, Jack Quinn is determined to regain his footing in the PWM championship race following a narrow loss in a thrilling triple-threat match. His journey to reclaim his glory begins at Montekristo, where he faces off against the seasoned Italian veteran, Fabio Ferrari, in a showdown set to ignite Summertime Madness III this Saturday, May 24th.

The cocky Fabio Ferrari will arrive at Summertime Madness III with a point to prove

Ferrari, known for his captivating charisma, recently engaged in a fierce battle against Kyushi Pro’s Kodai Nozaki, narrowly succumbing to the thunderous Samoan drop/spear combo. With a burning desire to prove himself worthy of a spot in the PWM title picture, the Italian maestro arrives in Malta with a determined chip on his shoulder, seeking victory over the former PWM champion, Jack Quinn.

Jack Quinn with an impressive moonsault on Adam Envy and Red Scorpion at Spring Stampede

On the other side of the ring, Quinn can’t shake off the sense of injustice that lingers from his recent title rematch at Spring Stampede. The unexpected insertion of Adam Envy turned the encounter into a triple threat match, leaving Quinn with a bitter taste. Adding fuel to the fire, Envy seized a controversial opportunity during the triple threat title bout, capitalizing on Quinn’s efforts by swiftly intervening and securing the pinfall on Red Scorpion after Quinn executed his devastating finishing move, the Shining Wizard. Some have questioned whether Envy stole the victory from Quinn, intensifying Quinn’s resolve as he enters Summertime Madness III fueled by righteous anger.

Fabio Ferrari vs Jack Quinn at Summertime Madness III

Prepare for an unforgettable night of vengeance, passion, and breathtaking athleticism as these fierce competitors collide at Summertime Madness III. Will Jack Quinn re-establish his dominance and reignite his path to the PWM championship? Or will Fabio Ferrari prove his mettle and shake the foundations of the title picture? Don’t let the answers slip away. Reserve your seat in the electrifying Montekristo arena with our limited tickets, available only on our website.


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