Masks Off, Titles On: Kyle Brooks Wins Carnival Royal Rumble to Face Adam Envy at Summertime Madness IV!

Published: 07/03/2024

Carnival Clash concluded with a thrilling over-the-top Carnival Royal Rumble to determine who was going to face the Pro Wrestling Malta champion, Adam Envy, on May 18th at Summertime Madness IV. The first two competitors were the now-former Pro Wrestling Malta Tag Team champion, Kyle Brooks, and the Vampire, Belthazar, who gave us a thrilling display of technical wrestling before being joined by one of the masters of Second II None’s tag team downfall in their match earlier that night, the Prodigy, Sean Ludwig Jr.

Brooks had a score to settle with Ludwig Jr and immediately went after the Pro Wrestling Malta academy graduate before he was interrupted by the Baltic Brute, Loraleen who took no time in going after both competitors. The ring soon started filling up, with Jake Omen entering the fray to eliminate both Sean Ludwig Jr and Loraleen. The Pro Wrestling Malta fans were in for a treat, as the next entrant was none other than Spiderman! In a shocking turn of events, it seems the Pro Wrestling Malta management managed to get a hold of this iconic superhero who looked to become the next face of pro wrestling on this island!

The ring continued to fill up with competitors, with the 14-year-old Pro Wrestling Malta academy graduate, Luca entering the ring, followed by one-half of the new tag team champions, Fabio Ferrari, who wasted no time in going after the former champ Brooks. Ferrari was soon joined by his tag partner, Owen Blanco, leading to them double-teaming on Brooks in an attempt to eliminate him. Brooks,  however, courageously held on.

In another shocking return, the Pro Wrestling Malta fans were then treated to none other than Marcus Hogan, a name unheard of by the fans in over 5 years! Hogan delivered his signature leg drop in the middle of the ring, to the fans’ adoration. The next entrant was former champion Jack Quinn, who entered the rumble with a point to prove, quickly eliminating his opponent from earlier that night, Jake Omen. The fans were then treated to another return, in the Mexican sensation, Himenez, a name unheard of in Pro Wrestling Malta in almost 9 years!

Entering the scene with a burst of aggression and a determined agenda, the penultimate participant was none other than the fierce Ringleader, Neil Hendrix. Following closely was Hamez, who swiftly targeted his longstanding rival Owen Blanco – the man responsible for stripping him of his coveted title. The intensity escalated as Hamez also set his sights on Fabio Ferrari, another adversary who had seized the championship from him and Brooks.

With the ring filled up, chaos soon ensued, and shortly after, Brooks managed to gain revenge by eliminating Owen Blanco from the rumble, only for Ferrari to eliminate Brooks’ tag partner Hamez from the competition. The final four consisted of Brooks, Quin, Ferrari and.. Spiderman??

As soon as Spidey tried to eliminate Quinn, Brooks managed to grab a hold of his mask, only to reveal that Spiderman was in fact, Pro Wrestling Malta champion Adam Envy all along! Brooks and Quinn swiftly eliminated Envy, with Ferrari quickly taking advantage and eliminating Quinn. With Kyle Brooks waiting in the wings, he managed to eliminated Ferrari to become the new number 1 contender to face Adam Envy on May 18th for the Pro Wrestling Malta championship!

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